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Stephen Jourdain - Morceaux choisis



You  are stingy with your interventions, Lord.  I count two.  Two chapters, only two chapters in the history  of  things.  The  first  time,  you  abolished yourself in favour of me. In what way was that humanity the elevation of the divine Value?  You alone know. But each of us understands that the best  is  preferable.  Your  initial  act,  in  this  sense,  was  rational.  Euclidian.  But  your  second intervention!...  Your second intervention, God, even if one imagines it was motivated by a mortal danger  hovering  around  your  child, astounds comprehension.  It also gives the measure of your power.  To  perfect  perfection!  To  light a fire at the heart of the flame. The sun is a sky in which
the sun rises.  The fire of fire. The day of day. You did that, Lord!

Stephen Jourdain - "TOM or the emperor of the land of mysterie"s - Traduction anglaise par Candace Lyons